Michael Stowasser

Michael Stowasser

Bisherige Stationen…


Stowasser Unternehmensberatung

September 2016

DHL Global Forwarding (Deutsche Post DHL Group) – Logistik

2015 – 2016: Head of Human Resources Eastern Europe/Israel – Logistik

  • Regionsverantwortung für Personalagenden in 14 Ländern in CEE/CIS, Balkan und Israel: Compensation & Benefits, Recruiting, Learning & Training, Payroll, Talent Management, Arbeitsrecht, etc.

2005 – 2014: CFO Eastern Europe/Israel

  • Regionsverantwortung fur Finanzen (Controlling und Accounting) in 14 Ländern in CEE, CIS, Balkan und Israel mit 17 Direktreports
  • Monatliches IFRS und lokales Reporting, Bilanzierung
  • Net Working Capital Management, Cash Flow, Liquidität
  • Aufsichtsratsposition in russischem Joint Venture
  • Regionaler Compliance Officer


AHA Puttner Bates Werbeagentur GmbH, Wien – Werbung

Finanzleiter (Kaufmännische Geschäftsführung)

  • Controlling, Finanzen, Personal, Administration, IT und Recht, Sorbanes-Oxley Act (SOX/SOA) und UK-GAAP Reporting
  • Geschäftsführer der ungarischen Tochtergesellschaft


Cable & Wireless Xpoint GmbH, Wien – Internet/Telekommunikation

Country & Finance Manager

  • Gesamtleitung einer expandierenden Internetfirma bis zum Ende der „New Economy“-Ära mit anschließendem Personalabbau
  • SOA/SOX und US-GAAP Reporting


Selbstständiger Unternehmensberater (Gewerbeschein)

Klein- und Mittelbetriebe mit Fokus auf Rechnungswesen, Controlling, Sanierung/Restrukturierung, Personal, Interims-Management, etc.


Schwabe, Ley & Greiner GmbH, Wien – Unternehmensberatung

Senior Consultant für Treasury + Controlling


Cargoplan VerwaltungsgmbH, Wien – Logistik

Internationale Speditionsholding für Cargoplan, Cargoline + Cargocare mit Tochterunternehmen in Österreich, USA, Kanada, Deutschland, Polen, Tschechische Rep./Slowakei, Ungarn, Slowenien, Mazedonien, Serbien, Russland + Ukraine.

CFO – Finanzleiter

  • Ca. 400 Mitarbeiter und 75M EUR Umsatz
  • verantwortlich für gesamte Aufbau- und Ablauforganisation inkl. Buchhaltungen, Controlling, Administration und Personal.


IKEA Vermögensverwaltung GmbH, Vösendorf – Möbel und Innenausstattung, Einzelhandel und Produktion

Assistent Leiter Finanz- und Rechnungswesen


Cargoplan SpeditionsgmbH, Wien – Logisitik

Leiter Rechnungswesen


Tenovis AG (ehemals Bosch-Telecom AG), Wien – Telekommunikation

Ausbildung in sämtlichen Abteilungen, Stellvertreter des kaufmännischen Leiters


Reaktionen und Referenzen

Delphine Leplumey

Dear Michael, Although this is sad news, what a funny good bye message!!! ☺ I see you are in a good mood and also got positive news via Yvonne this week in Basel so this is good! Please call me if you find time next week, I would be happy to talk to you before you leave! Warm regards, Delphine

Assistant to Remco van Oerle, CFO Europe


Dear Michael, Thank you for unique goodbye letter. I was really honored to work with you. You always show great respect to me and my work and you were always ready to help me. I saved your new contacts and I really count that someday somewhere we meet again. I would be very happy if you ever come to Slovenia (business or private) – that you give me a call and go for a beer J. Wish you all the best on your future professional and private way. We will stay in touch … Kind regards, Martina

Rafi Rozalis

Well Michael – now I love you even more than before. Highly respect your brave way to follow your inner voice – not trivial when most of humans plough the same furrow like life is forever. Could not avoid the tune – talking about revolution – so go and have yours. We will miss you here . All the best! Rafi

Managing Director Israel


Michael, this was the loveliest goodbye message I have ever seen. I watched the video smiling yet with tears in my eyes. I have really nice memories with you in the past 8 years since we have known each other - making you one of the few very special people i know since i have been working with DHL... Only saying goodbye to you as a colleague - I know we will stay in touch and meet shortly. I know this change will hold fantastic things for you. Wishing you a relaxing break and all possible good. Lots of love, Anna.

Martin Sigel

Lieber Michael, wir hatten sehr viel schöne Zeiten zusammen und es hat mir immer Spass gemacht mit Dir zu arbeiten. Schwere Zeiten und gute Zeiten hast Du immer mit der richtigen Einstellung, mit Ruhe und viel Engergie gemeistert. Dein Ausgeglichenheit war etwas das mich immer beeindruckt hat und eine wertvolle Grundlage ist um die richtigen Lösungen zu finden. Ich würde gerne mit Dir in Kontakt bleiben und auch in Zukunft erfahren was du so machst. Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich Dir alles Gute, viel Grück und Spass bei allem was du tust. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz, Martin.

CFO DHL Global Forwarding, Freight / DHL Management Ltd

Inbal Barak Etzion

Dear Michael, you are the greatest! Your farewell song is just amazing, sensitive, charming and talented as working with you as a manager, as a partner! You should know that from this huge Group of talented people, you were one of the most influences, inspiring and developing manager I ever worked with, and I will take your contribution with me for many more years! I know that good things waiting for you at your future, due to my believe that good things happens to good people! I wish you all the best and will be happy to keep in connection. Warm warm regards from Israel, Inbal.

CFO & CIO & Israel Head of Tax / FC (Flying Cargo) International Transportation LTD – a company of DHL Global Forwarding)

Roman Sandtner

Dear Michael, oh no, it is not easy to read that, especially those words about meeting twice, while I know that you are right with that because you hired me back to DHL and hope too we will be meeting each other again yet because you are really great person and it would be again someday and somewhere pleasure to meeting you. Let me please say BIG THANK YOU for teaching me how to live within big DHL corporation in 2007-2008 in my career beginnings, you do not even know, but I learned a lot from you even in that time, I took a real lessons which helped me in my career beginnings as well as for giving me a second chance to contribute again at DGF two years ago. I will always remember that. You are a right man, great person with big heart. I wish you all the best. P.S. I will be in VIE for next two days, hope I can shortly shake your hand yet. Take care! With very best regards, Roman.

Finance Manager DGF SK / DHL Global Forwarding Slovakia (BTS/Bratislava)

Zoltan Kuri

Hi Michael, so it’s true! 🙁 Regret to hear, but let me wish you all the best and a good health for your future life and carrier. We will surely miss the personal contact to you, but will follow your YouTube channel! Warmest Regards, Zoltan.

Head of BPO & IT / DHL Global Forwarding Hungary

Nebojša Mandić

Dear Michael, thank you very much indeed for all your support, team work and humor. Let me, on behalf of the whole RS DGF Team, to wish you a good health, success and progress in your new career step. I have no doubts that you will arrive where you plan to go and that you will along with your journey, apart from challenges and hard work, also have a lot of fun. Thank you also for the song – great performance! Should you need assistance in this part of Europe, please feel free to call anytime. Kindest regards from Belgrade, Nebojša.

Country Head / DHL International Beograd d.o.o.

Der Abschied von den Mitarbeitern, Kollegen und Chefs bei DHL ist mir nicht leicht gefallen. Es waren spannende, herausfordernde Jahre mit vielen positiven interkulturellen Kontakten und Projekten. Einige der vielen persönlichen Reaktionen auf mein DHL-Goodbye-Musikvideo möchte ich hier als Referenz zeigen – Vielen Dank!!!

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