Roman Sandtner

Dear Michael,

oh no, it is not easy to read that, especially those words about meeting twice, while I know that you are right with that because you hired me back to DHL and hope too we will be meeting each other again yet because you are really great person and it would be again someday and somewhere pleasure to meeting you.
Let me please say BIG THANK YOU for teaching me how to live within big DHL corporation in 2007-2008 in my career beginnings, you do not even know, but I learned a lot from you even in that time, I took a real lessons which helped me in my career beginnings as well as for giving me a second chance to contribute again at DGF two years ago. I will always remember that.
You are a right man, great person with big heart. I wish you all the best.

P.S. I will be in VIE for next two days, hope I can shortly shake your hand yet.
Take care!

With very best regards, Roman.